Water is the foundation of life. It is still a mystery for science how non-living matter transformed into a living one. New properties of water have to be studied, though it seems like we know all about it already.

  • Deuterium and evolution of life

    The role of deuterium in molecular evolution is most interesting question of nowdays science comprises two points mainly: the evolution of deuterium itself as well as the chemical processes going with participation of deuterium. It is believed the big bang produce the universe that was much denser and hotter than it is now and made almost entirely of two main elements - hydrogen and helium. Deuterium itself was made only at a second stage of the beginning of the universe, namely through the collision of one neutron with one proton at a temperature of about one billion degrees; furthemore the two formed deuterons in turn stuck together into helium nuclei, which contain two protons and two neutrons. It is considered, that during the formation of helium nuclei, almost all the deuterons combined to form helium nuclei, leaving a tiny remant to be detected today so that only one in 10.000 deuterons remained unpaired.

  • The structure of water. © Ignat Ignatov, Oleg Mosin

    In this review it is reported about the research on the structure of intermolecular water cyclic associates (clusters) with general formula (Н2О)n and their charged ionic clusters [(Н2О)n]+ and [(Н2О)n]- by means of computer modeling and spectroscopy methods as 1Н-NMR, IR-spectroscopy, DNES, EXAFS-spectroscopy, X-Ray and neurons diffraction. The computer calculation of polyhedral nanoclusters (Н2О)n, where n = 3–20 are carried out. Based on this data the main structural mathematical models describing water structure (quasicrystalline, continious, fractal, fractal-clathrate) have been examined and some important physical characteristics were obtained. The average energy of hydrogen bonding (DEH…O) between Н2О molecules in the process of cluster formation was measured by the DNES method compiles –0,1067±0,0011 eV. It was also shown that water clusters formed from 2H2О were more stable, than those ones from Н2О due to isotopic effects of deuterium.

  • Water in the Human Body is Informational Bearer about Longevity

    Mankind has always been excited about longevity. Biophysical studies indicate that the water in the human body has departed from the water at the time of origination of life (Semihina, Mosin, Ignatov). The more rapid the life processes are, the faster the states of orderliness are observed, i.e. entropy in the living organism decreases. Yet this leads to difficulties in compensating entropy with the entropy of the environment, which is associated with metabolism and energy. Such organisms, like mammals, can live up to 100 years. In trees the processes are slower, the states of orderliness are harder to obtain, and entropy decreases more slowly than in animals.

  • Everything about water

    In my opinion, (says O. V. Mosin Ph. D), this is the best scientific site about water on the Internet, and it has collected virtually all the information about water and its properties (he has even counted 66 anomalies of water). Moreover Chaplin has suggested a water model different from Zenin’s model, based not on a dodecahedron, but on a icosahedron. There the methods for the construction of water clusters are described in detail.

    Nowadays Martin Chaplin is a very popular scientist worldwide who studies the structure of water. His water model differs from Zenin’s model and is based not on a dodecahedron, but on a icosahedron. There the methods for the construction of water clusters are described in detail. Currently this is the most complete scientific site about water and its structure, and M. Chaplin himself is a scientist and researcher of water, widely known throughout the world.

  • Revealing the hydrate formation process at the water-CO2 interface

    Water can form solid clathrate phases in the presence of small molecules. These so called hydrates are crystalline inclusion compounds where guest molecules, mainly gases, are trapped in an ice-like network of nanometre-sized cages. Methane hydrate is of special importance as it occurs in huge amounts in the sediments of deep sea regions. In recent years hydrates have attracted general interest because of a rising number of possible applications, e.g. mining of methane from the ocean floor or the storage of CO2 or H2. Thus, for such applications, knowledge of the fundamental processes involved is essential in order to control -inhibit or initiatehydrate formation. In general, two kinds of model exist describing the formation of hydrates at the molecular level. While cluster models such as the cluster nucleation theory [1] predict hydrate precursors forming around dissolved guest molecules, in stochastic models, like the local structuring hypothesis [2], the hydrate formation happens without such precursors. The difference between the two models is illustrated schematically in Figure 40.


    Johann Grander is an Austrian who did not claim to be a scientist, yet claims to have developed a technique for imprinting "natural" and "vital" electromagnetic energies into water.

    Grander claims to be able to restore water to its natural state, removing the influence of chemical contamination, electrical disturbances and even the "destructive effect of earth-orbiting satellites"---all with a small pen-like device used to simply stir water in a water glass.

    According to Grander, the "effective operating principle" of the Grander Water system is the

    "implosion of electromagnetic and subtle energy fields".


    Scientist won trial at the "Oberlandesgericht Wien" (High Court Vienna,Austria)

    Vienna (APA-OTS, 2006-09-06) - In a case that made national news, the High Court in Vienna, Austria, ruled in favour of Viennese biologist Dr. Erich Eder, after three years of trial. The Tyrolean company U.V.O., distributor of the GRANDER® products that supposedly "vitalize" water, had taken legal action against Dr. Eder as he had criticized their products as being "esoteric humbug".

  • Grander water weirdness

    Most of the water-cluster hucksters peddle "concentrates" that you add to your drinking water in order to "cluster" or "uncluster" it (depending on which fable you prefer tobelieve.) Johann Grander is an Austrian inventor who claims to have found a way to "revitalize" water, changing its "inner structure" and returning "the watermolecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable."
  • “Informationability” of Water and Origin of Living Matter Bioresonance Effects

    Dr. Ignat Ignatov – Biophysicist
    2006 Sofia, Bulgaria

    Water is the foundation of life. It is still a mystery for science how non-living matter transformed into a living one. New properties of water have to be studied, though it seems like we know all about it already.

    In March 2004 an American space probe found “traces’ of water on Mars and salt in a dried up lake.

    Scientists can already presume that perhaps there has been and still is life on this planet.

    On two of Saturn’s satellites American space probes found traces of water.

  • Water for the origination of life. Memory of Water and Origin of Living Matter

    Studies of the properties of homeopathic solutions have one peculiarity. In the homeopathic solution the effect is influenced not only by the diluted substance and the potentiation, but also by a third feature that researchers do not report. The solution itself is potentiated in an electromagnetic device and electromagnetic fields indicate to the device an influence on the hydrogen bonds between water molecules. This means that this method of preparation of homeopathic solutions can not serve for the making of fundamental conclusions about informational properties of water.